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Runes Elite
Welcome to Runes Elite. This community is for the members of… 
08|23|05 - 10:39
OL: I Must Go Back
Welcome to Runes Elite. This community is for the members of Hogwarts Elite only. In this community, teachers will post lectures for the students to do assignments on to earn their house points. At the end of each term, all the students who participate in any homework assignment will receive an OWL with their grades from the Head Teacher. In order to gain access, you must first apply and be sorted at sorting_elite. Thank you.
08|23|05 - 15:49 (UTC)
WHOOT, this is totally awesome :) When are we starting?
08|23|05 - 15:51 (UTC)
No teachers have been selected yet. Hahaha. Soon, hopefully. I go back to school this week, so things are crazy.
08|23|05 - 15:53 (UTC)
Pfft, who needs learning when you've got livejournal communities to suck your life away? ;)
08|24|05 - 05:51 (UTC)
*pokes with a pointed stick*

*gives glare of DOOM*

*is generally trying to beintimidating*

*utterly fails at it*

(How sad, this is the scariest icon I have >_<)
09|08|05 - 22:43 (UTC)
And I made it! It scared my friend to the point where she was hiding under my bed while I was making it.
09|09|05 - 04:17 (UTC)
It *is* terrifying.
09|09|05 - 04:34 (UTC)
Yes, straight from that demented mind of yours. May I ask whatever gave you that idea?
09|09|05 - 05:21 (UTC)
I just tried to think of the most awful, absurd pairing ever.

I think I succeeded.
09|09|05 - 02:59 (UTC)
How does one go about applying to be a teacher?
09|09|05 - 15:00 (UTC)
There is an application post around the 10th of August, gove or take a few days. We are only looking for History of Magic professors at the moment though.
05|17|08 - 23:27 (UTC)
Clue: f didn't love me enough as a child.
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